kritika Thakur

Kritika Thakur is a performing artist and a dance teacher from India and has been working in the industry of dance and entertainment for more than 8 years. Her dance training is into Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, modern, Bollywood, High Heels, Dancehall, and Street& funk styles. She has worked with a lot of Bollywood celebrities and choreographers and has worked as a Female Lead in Bollywood Musicals that have traveled all across the world. She holds an experience of more than 1000 live stage shows and has done choreography for all types of projects. She is now living in Porto, Portugal and has already worked in various dance schools and cities with her classes, workshops and performances.

Bollywood is the film industry of India in Hindi language and is based in Mumbai, India. Bollywood dances are created based on the songs that are a part of any Bollywood movie. It is a colorful mixture of Indian folk dances, Indian Classical dances, western dances and some freestyle movements that are created depending on the genre/feel of the song. Bollywood songs are full of drama, expressions, energy and larger than life movements.

In my workshops/ classes, I start with the basic movements of Bollywood that have been there in the industry for many years. I also work on the coordination of all body parts working together at the same time along with the facial expressions. Its a beautiful experience to learn Bollywood dance as it creates body awareness and brings joy in people’s lives.